The Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum currently holds one of the most extensive collections of squeezes worldwide. Most of the nearly 15,000 squeezes of inscriptions from Rome, Italy, and the provinces of the Imperium Romanum were produced already in the second half of the 19th century. The squeezes were made predominantly on paper, but the CIL archive also contains latex impressions, graphite rubbings, drawings on foil as well as a few impressions in gypsum.

When inscriptions are lost, damaged, or destroyed, they are only preserved in squeezes. In any case, squeezes reveal valuable information on the quality, texture, and characteristic style of the script as well as on the monument bearing the inscription and the material, condition, and decoration of its surface.

Our database provides information on whether squeezes are available for the inscriptions in the CIL editions. On request, the squeezes can be examined at the CIL Research Centre. Please contact us beforehand, specifying which inscriptions you are interested in and which squeezes and documents you would like to investigate We welcome inquiries from interested parties.

We have also begun to take steps towards the digitalisation of the artefacts in the CIL archive. We understand the preservation of these artefacts, especially of the highly valuable squeezes, as one of our most important objectives in the upcoming years. So far, we have created digitalised 3D models of about 200 of our squeezes.

Click here for more examples from the CIL’s collection of squeezes.

Contact: Beate Zielke M.A.