Complementary Resources

The CIL provides further resources that make published volumes more easily accessible and are helpful for creating new entries for future editions. Please find these resources below:

Mommsen's Vision of a CIL
​​​​​​​Diacritical System


Mommsen’s Vision of a CIL

In January 1847 in Rome, Theodor Mommsen wrote a memorandum on the establishment of the CIL for the members of the Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences in Berlin, entitled “Ueber Plan und Ausführung eines Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum [On planning and implementing a Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum]”. It is preserved in the archive of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities with the shelf mark PAW (1812–1945), II-VIII-96. Access the PDF version here.


Diacritical System

Click here for information on the CIL’s diacritical system.



1. Guide to the Addenda et Corrigenda within the CIL – compiled by Andreas Faßbender

The specific printing technique used for the early CIL volumes often complicates the navigation to the Addenda et Corrigenda and to newly edited inscriptions within the CIL. Moreover, many inscriptions were edited and included more than once, which makes the orientation within the Corpus even more difficult. Furthermore, the “Falsae vel alienae” often contain information on inscriptions published in other volumes, which are easily overlooked.

For these reasons, Faßbender compiled a concordance in an easily accessible format, covering all CIL volumes. It was published in 2003 with the title Index numerorum. Ein Findbuch zum Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, zusammengestellt von A. Faßbender (CIL Auctarium, Series nova 1). 2 Bde. Berlin, New York 2003.

Additions to this guide, which are necessary after every publication of a new CIL volume, can be accessed below:

2. Concordances comparing earlier collections of Latin inscriptions and other editions to the CIL

Early CIL volumes often refer to inscriptions that had not been published within the Corpus yet but were available in earlier editions such as Gruter, Muratori, or Reinesius. Nearly all inscriptions from these editions were subsequently edited within the CIL. When consulting the earlier collections, however, these inscriptions cannot be found easily in the CIL. For this reason, concordances to these early editions were compiled.

Additionally, concordances to the ILS, the Christian inscriptions of Rome (ICVR n. s.), and other popular editions are available.

In cases where the concordances do not correspond to any CIL number, the numbers from the ICVR n. s., IG (or the CIG), the ILCV, or the ILS are given to allow easier access to these inscriptions, because editions of, e.g., Gruter or Muratori are mostly difficult to access.

In general, Greek inscriptions (except for the inscriptions from the Western Mediterranean collected in IG XIV, some of which are bilingual) have not been included consistently (in keeping with the character of the CIL as a corpus of Latin inscriptions), but have been included as far as possible.

The following symbols were used (cf. »Index numerorum« p. X):

   =   The inscription was newly edited and given this number.
   –   Important information on the reading, the authenticity, and new fragments.
   :    General information, e.g., literature, places where an inscription was found or is kept, archaeological context, etc.
   &   Both inscriptions were found on the same carrier (e.g., front and back side)

Feel free to contact with questions, suggestions, additions, or corrections.



Both glossaries register Latin and German terms for composing recorts and for the types of stone of ancient monuments.




The indices available here make CIL volumes more easily accessible and can be used either in addition to printed indices, or provide a provisional overview for volumes which do not yet have a printed index.

1. Indices to Republican inscriptions (CIL I²)

The Republican inscriptions in CIL I² can be accessed via a lemma index (CIL I² 2, 4) and an index of the places where the inscriptions were found and are kept (CIL I², 2–4).


2. Indices to the milestones from Raetia and Noricum (CIL XVII/4,1)

Until the full publication of CIL XVII/4, an index to fascicle XVII/4,1 is available, which includes:

  • I. Imperatores domusque eorum
  • II. Magistratus populi Romani
  • III. Geographica
  • IV. Varia titulorum
  • V. Grammatica quaedam