Among the forgotten treasures in the CIL archive is an extensive collection of records (German “Scheden”), stored in 650 boxes, which is yet to be thoroughly examined. For very many of the inscriptions edited in the CIL up to the First World War, one or more sheets are preserved. On these, the text and a number of additional details about the script and monument or excerpts from manuscripts are noted. Subsequent editors corrected the records or added their own annotations. At times, these pages include the correspondence between scholars who had been discussing the respective inscription.

Often the pages contain more information than could be included into the CIL editions. Frequently, sketches of inscriptions and monuments were made. The CIL’s collection of records is thus an additional source of valuable information. Moreover, these pages illustrate the history and the development of epigraphic research.

For the publication of new editions or supplementary volumes, the respective records are consulted regularly. In course of this process, some of the pages have already been digitalised.

Feel free to contact us if you are working on inscriptions edited in the CIL or on the history of the CIL’s research and would like to examine our records. This will allow us to confirm in advance if resources related to your inquiry are available. You are then welcome to visit our Research Centre to access the material. If your request concerns only few inscriptions, we may be able to provide scans of the respective pages.

A comprehensive review and the digitalisation of the records in our archive is one of our most important objectives in the upcoming years.

Contact: Beate Zielke M.A.