The CIL archive currently contains more than 16,000 photos. This number is continuously increasing, particularly owing to the fact that, since 1996, CIL editions display photos of the inscriptions alongside the transcriptions. Alongside these pictures of inscriptions and monuments, there are also photos of reconstructions and drawings of the documentation of findings. Other photos show the contexts of the inscriptions’ installation and their architectural integration. Finally, pictures of topography and landscape create an even larger frame for the contextualisation of the inscriptions.


The CIL’s photo archive holds pictures related to inscriptions from Rome, Italy, and the provinces of the Imperium Romanum. Due to the generous bequests left to the CIL by Géza Alföldy and Hans-Georg Kolbe, certain regions and inscription types are especially well represented in the CIL’s photo collection.

Our database provides information on whether photos of an inscription edited in one of our volumes exist. The pictures in the CIL archive are available on request, but solely for the purpose of scientific research. We welcome inquiries from interested parties. Should our resources have been of use to your research, we kindly ask you to send us a copy of the publication of your results for our library.

Contact: Dr. Andreas Faßbender