The CIL offers internships to students of the Classics (ancient history, classical philology, archaeology) who have good knowledge of Latin. If you are interested in Latin inscriptions and historical research, as well as in a variety of practical, archival, and precise editorial tasks, the CIL is the perfect match for you. You will get an insight into the daily business and different activities at the CIL. With our assistance, you will work independently on your own tasks. We will ask you, for example, to add our extensive collection of offprints to our digital database, to sift and register archival documents, or to identify and record squeezes that have not yet been associated with any inscription. If you possess relevant knowledge, you may assist in translating Latin inscriptions and editing Latin manuscripts. Moreover, our daily work includes practical tasks such as rearranging and sorting books, copying, scanning and technical editing, as well as cleaning and moving archival documents. During your internship, we will welcome you as part of our friendly and highly motivated team, and we look forward to addressing all your questions regarding practical or other matters.

You are also welcome to contact us if you are interested in a collaboration on a Master’s or PhD thesis focusing on CIL materials or CIL-related topics.

For legal and administrative reasons, we can offer internships only to students whose exam regulations require them to complete an internship during their studies. Feel free to apply at any time, as there is no deadline for applications. Please include the relevant passage of your exam regulations, as mentioned above, and your matriculation number in your request. Under the current conditions of the pandemic, we also offer online internships in some cases.

In special cases, and if the legal requirements are met, we also accept secondary school students with very good knowledge of Latin as interns. Feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact: PD Dr. Ulrike Ehmig M.A.