Visiting the CIL

You are welcome to visit our Research Centre at Unter den Linden 8 in Berlin to access our archival documents and our library for your research. Upon advance request, we will provide you with a workspace in the Research Centre for the duration of your visit, prepare the resources you wish to examine, and offer you our assistance in working with the squeezes and records. Please feel free to use the BBAW library's OPAC for your research within the library. Volumes with the shelfmarks “Standort: B4/556/CIL” or “Signatur: xxx=St: CIL” can be found in the CIL’s library.

The CIL is an important and historical institution with a rich tradition of fundamental scientific research, indispensable within the field of classical studies and beyond. Visiting the CIL is thus rewarding not only for university students, but also for participants in excursions or conferences on the Classics taking place in Berlin. If you are interested, please contact us at an early stage so that we can arrange a guided tour of our offices as well as an illustrative presentation of relevant working materials, especially squeezes and records, as well as a brief insights into ongoing corpus and editorial work.

Contact: PD Dr. Ulrike Ehmig M.A.